Full Circle Trade
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Fair Trade Charter

The mission of Full Circle Trade is to support the sustainable management of natural resources through the fair trade of products and handicrafts crafted sourced from those systems. With this in mind, Full Circle Trade builds long term, mutually beneficial relationships with its producers. 

Fair Wage

  • Pay fair market price for products. Quality guidelines are agreed upon, including that the price we pay is fair for the quality we require.
  • Producers are paid promptly upon receipt of products that meet the agreed upon standards.

Cooperative workspace

  • Trade in a spirit of cooperation, not competition.
  • Create trading relationships that are mutually beneficial and profitable.
  • No forced labor is used to create any of our products.

Consumer education

  • Recognize that the products we seek are handcrafted by people with multiple livelihood strategies. Working within agreed upon production requirements, we also recognize that seasonality will affect production.
  • Seek to increase awareness of the cultural and traditional values of producers and customers, in order to promote intercultural understanding and respect.
  • Encourage people to consume products that support environmentally sustainable, culturally supportive, and economically rewarding livelihoods.

Environmental sustainability

  • We endeavor to build trade for goods that are environmentally friendly.
  • We seek to work closely with others to ensure that natural resources are managed sustainably, and that the environment is protected.
  • A portion of our profits support conservation activities.

Financial and technical support

  • We seek to be as flexible as possible in considering financial alternatives to assist producers in meeting their quality and production goals.
  • We work with producers to explore innovative means of technical support. 

Respect for cultural identity

  • We endeavor to ensure that our trading activities do not negatively affect local peoples’ claims to resource tenure, nor traditional supply and production lines, nor to any natural resources that are fundamental to their way of life.
We seek to support producers' cultural traditions and traditional sustainable natural resource management practices.