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Conservation Enterprise

A growing movement in conservation communities is the support of “conservation enterprise.”  This recognizes the important role played by small businesses in providing employment that rewards financially and encourages conservation of natural systems.

Small Input, Profound and Lasting Results
Having lived and worked in remote parts of Africa, South America and North America, we firmly believe that a small amount of input—cash, goods, direction—can have a huge impact in the lives of people who live in natural resource-dependant communities. Most people in these communities do not need the proverbial “hand-out.” They need a hand up. In many cases they only need access to markets, capital and coordination to produce products for non-local markets. Full Circle Trade, working with its local partners, provides that access, uniting you with the producers in fair and respectful trade.

Your purchase is an immediate and tangible conservation benefit
At Full Circle Trade, we are excited and committed to our products because they are beautiful and because they represent truly sustainable income for people who can make such good use of so little. Working with reliable local partners and making use of the Internet, we can not only tell you but show you just how your purchases provide income to support conservation and local development. Your purchase of these beautiful hand crafted products is one of the most efficient and immediate ways to be involved in supporting sustainable, healthy livelihoods and natural resource conservation around the world.