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Full Circle Trade looks for conservation opportunities, and identifies products or livelihood strategies that can support those conservation activities. Our primary concern is sustainability, for the environment and for the people reliant upon those ecosystems. We are building long term relationships with our producers to support them as they participate in conservation activities. Full Circle Trade also supports conservation by telling the stories of our producers and their various conservation links, and by sharing with them our customers’ interest and support of them as individuals, artisans, and conservationists.

Many of our primary producers are in Africa, reflecting both that continent’s conservation importance and the needs for market outlets for its artisans. Others are in the United States, using fairly traded and organic ingredients in their products. We are constantly seeking for new trading partners, new products, and new conservation linkages. 

Full Circle Trade achieves its mission by consistently providing beautiful, unique and functional products. We welcome comments, ideas, and suggestions for potential products and conservation trading relationships!