Full Circle Trade
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About Us


Full Circle Trade has evolved out of our long involvement with the conservation and development of natural resources. Field work in North and South America, Europe and Africa has taught us that to achieve sustainable balances between the needs of humans and the natural world, the needs of humans must be addressed. Economic need drives many peoples’ exploitation of the forests around them, even though they understand the need for conservation. This is particularly true for many developing regions, where it is subsistence farming, rather than corporate exploitation, that is responsible for much of the loss of intact forest ecosystems. The mission of Full Circle Trade is to contribute economic rewards and incentives to the careful use and management of natural resources.

We began to make our dream a reality as we explored the feasibility of an ethical for-profit business marketing non-timber forest products, with three objectives:

  • To build a successful for-profit business committed to its ethical philosophical mission, based on fair trade principals.
  • To market ecologically, socially, and economically beneficial products sourced in fair trade from forest communities around the world and in support of those communities.
  • To support conservation activities through targeted conservation donations.

Full Circle Trade provides the crucial last link in completing the full circle of conservation. We begin by encouraging people to abandon unsustainable livelihood strategies, and contribute to its completion by providing tangible rewards for their sustainable efforts.  It is not charity, but long-term, respectful, equitable trade.