Full Circle Trade
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About Us


The goals of this business blend conservation, sustainable livelihood strategies, education, and learning.  We want to:

  • Create sustainable sources of income by supporting programs that foster the conservation and sustainable use of natural ecosystems.
  • Demonstrate the value of responsible land and natural resource stewardship to artisans and communities reliant upon them.
  • Bring the stories and craft of people from around the world to our website and customers, facilitating the growth of respectful, equitable relationships and understanding between sometimes disparate cultures and lifestyles.
  • Establish and sustain long-term retail relationships in North America, Europe and around the world offering fine hand-crafted products, the sale of which directly contributes to the healthy and sustainable
    livelihoods of the artisans who make them.
  • Create a successful business, a percentage of profits from which will be donated to conservation projects and activities.